Sunday September 15th 2019

Machine Learning

J. Henry Hinnefeld – Measuring Model Fairness – PyCon 2019 J. Henry Hinnefeld – »

When machine learning models make decisions that affect people’s lives, how can you be sure those [...]

Raymond Hettinger – Modern solvers: Problems well-defined are problems solved – PyCon 2019 Raymond Hettinger – »

Every programmer should learn to use solvers, tools that reason directly from a description of a problem [...]

Kevin Lemagnen – Open the Black Box: an Introduction to Model Interpretability in Python Kevin Lemagnen – Open »

What's the use of sophisticated machine learning models if you can't interpret them? In fact, many [...]

SQL, BI, IT news

Using subqueries to find gaps in sequence

Using subqueries to find gaps in sequence

Using subqueries to find gaps in sequence source Microsoft Database development self-Paced Training Kit Tobias Thernstrom, Ann Weber, Mike Hotek and GrandMasters Create Table #orderdates (customerid int not null, orderdate DateTime not null); Declare @startdate datetime, @enddate datetime, @customerid int set @customerid =1 while [...]

Difference between CTE and Temp Table

Difference between CTE and Temp Table

From Reporting Perspective its import to to know the difference between CTE, derived tables and Temp Tables, following is the some of our attempt to elaborate the differences A common table expression can be thought of as a temporary result that is defined within execution scope of single a single SELEC, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE or CREATE VIEW [...]


Crystal Reports

Selecting Null when there is empty »

Selecting Null when there is empty string

Many times we have a limited access to the data and views are created by IT departments and we have to select only the null or empty fields in Crystal [Read More]


Understanding Covariance Understanding »

Great video explaining Covariance it discusses the very basics of what covariance is [...]

Forecasting Methods made simple – Exponential Smoothing Forecasting Methods »

A Great video on understanding Alpha There Series of videos by Piyush Shah, under the [...]

Statistics 101: Simple Linear Regression (Part 4), Fit and the Coefficient of Determination Statistics 101: »

In video Brandon explained - how well a regression line fits the data it models. It is [...]