Sunday October 23rd 2016

Machine Learning

A Gentle Introduction To Machine Learning; SciPy 2013 Presentation A Gentle Introduction To »

This talk will be an introduction to the root concepts of machine learning, starting with simple [...]

Data Engineering Data Engineering »

Data Engineering an essential part of predictive analytics, involves cleaning the data into numerical or [...]

7 Free or Cheap Ways to Learn Data Science 7 Free or Cheap Ways to Learn »

We all know data science is an important (and growing) field, but most of us don’t have the time or [...]

SQL, BI, IT news

Tracking data changes in SQL Server 2008 and up

Tracking data changes in SQL Server 2008 and up

Commonly asked question in interview question. Please note that beginning from SQL server 2008 Microsoft introduced change tracking and change data capture (CDC) to help answer questions about data that changes in a database. Comparing Change Tracking to CDC SQL Server 2008 introduces two tracking features that enable applications to determine [...]

IIS not running ASP.NET MVC application

IIS not running ASP.NET MVC application

I found an issue of running MVC / ASP>NET web form sites on IIS. They were working fine on the Visual Studio, however After installing the IIS they were not running on Localhost. I was able to resole that by using the following help from I followed the diagram below you will that in The World Wide Web services 4.6 is checked and [...]


Crystal Reports

Derived Table with – WITH »

Derived Table with – WITH Clause

I have included the overview of Derived Table with WITH Clause as they have an important application in Data Base Reporting. A dervied table built with a [Read More]


Understanding Covariance Understanding »

Great video explaining Covariance it discusses the very basics of what covariance is [...]

Forecasting Methods made simple – Exponential Smoothing Forecasting Methods »

A Great video on understanding Alpha There Series of videos by Piyush Shah, under the [...]

Statistics 101: Simple Linear Regression (Part 4), Fit and the Coefficient of Determination Statistics 101: »

In video Brandon explained - how well a regression line fits the data it models. It is [...]