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Great Books on ASP and Sql Server

January 30th, 2008 No comments This is a review about books that were originally written in 1999 and 2001. My reveiew is still present on Amazon. This is about my great appreciation for Noel Jerke’s books on ASP and Sql server named as ” E-commerce Developer’ guide to Building Community and promotional Tools. & “Visual Basic Developer’s Guide to E-Commerce with ASP and SQL Server” are after both books more than five years still feels updated from many recent book on the same topics. Although technologies have been changed but that is from Technology point of view not from functionality point of view.

Although title says developer’s guide but it makes a reader from novice to developer. Before that e-commerce was complicated,difficult even reading other books makes you confuse more about the subject but after reading this whole concept becomes clear. In my opinion Only prerequisite for reading this book is some databases experience, it will accelerate if reader have experience in Access, Sql server. The 99 percent Use of stored procedure is one of the greatest thing by Noel. I have built my web site base on concept and examples given in this book. Though there might be some minor errors but I think they make you learn and eventually they make you master the vb script, stored procedure and concept. I congratulate Noel and request him to upgrade this book to and as well as other of his book named e-commerce developer’s guide to building community tools.

Thanks Noel