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GraphicaL MDX Query Builder

MDX Query Builder  has been included  since Analysis Services 2005 alongwith Cube Wizard that automates many of the many of the steps, prior to that MDX queries has to be hand-coded.  MDX is a query language for multidimensional databases.

What it Does ;

Use the MDX Query Editor to design and execute statements and scripts written in the Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) language.

Features Type scripts in the query editor pane of MDX Query Editor.

To execute scripts press F5, or click Execute on the toolbar, or on the Query menu, click Execute. If a portion of the code is selected, only that portion is executed. If no code is selected, the entire content of the MDX Query Editor is executed.

View metadata for cubes and other objects contained in an Analysis Services database in the metadata pane.

For help on MDX syntax, select a keyword in MDX Query Editor, and then click F1.

For dynamic help with MDX syntax, on the Help menu, click Dynamic Help, to open the Dynamic Help component. With Dynamic Help, help topics appear in the Dynamic Help window when keywords are typed in Query Editor.

Source: SQL Server 2008 Books Online (April 2009)
MDX Query Editor (Analysis Services – Multidimensional Data)

We have created a category of  MDX and will be writing more about it, in coming posts.