Sunday January 21st 2018





Molap RolapWe found some more useful information, which we hope will be helpful for readers. MOLAP Solutions work best when the questions that are being answered are very well defined and of relatively small scale. They are not well suited for discovery type operations, or an unbounded problem set. In MOLAP data cube model, every answer to very possible question for the available metrics and dimension members is calculated and stored with in cube. Forecasting and budgeting task can be effectively handled by MOLAP solutions. MOLAP solutions are good in highly complex calculations because of there performance.

IN ROLAP the calculation engine use the existing data mart data base table of the RDBMS rather than proprietary data structure. This allows ROLAP tool to work well in discovery mode or where the problem set is unbounded or unfocused answer. Because the RDBMS must seek out and prepare each answer, response times are much slower than MOLAP.

Source: Understanding and implenting successful Data Marts by Douglas Hackney