Sunday January 21st 2018




SQL Server 2008 Express Edition with advanced service – Our experiance

Today we downloaded the SQL Server 2008 Express edition with advanced services.  

As mentioned on Microsoft website – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services is a free, easy-to use version of SQL Server Express that includes more features and makes it easier than ever to start developing powerful data-driven applications for the web or local desktop.

It was  installed  on Windows XP Media edition we were required to download the following as well;


Step 1: Download and install Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1.


Step 2 Download and install Windows Installer 4.5.


Step 3 Download and install Windows PowerShell 1.0.


SQL Server 2008 was installed successfully. In addition to SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, that installation includes the Reporting services, SQL Server 2008 Business intelligence development studio.


We downloaded the Adventure works database separately. Every thing went OK and

It was a nice for us that in (BIDS) Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008, we found

The templates for ;

Analysis Services Project

Integration Services Connection Project

Report Server Project Wizard

Report Server Project


Apparently, looks like there is a much more functionality in SQL Server 2008 than 2005, which is excellent for training purposes. We will write more in coming posts about our experiences and what is possible in Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008.


Stay tuned for our coming post on this topic.