Sunday January 21st 2018




UDM Vrs Data Mart

We are writing some more on the topic of UDM Vs. Data Mart because of our hand on experiance, reconciled with some documented research.We have worked on creating large data text files, which were to be further exported into a business intelligence system. So data to be consumed in business intelligence may be stored in various formats. In these situations, we need data to be imported into a data mart before it can be utilized anywhere.  


Sometimes data in OLTP may not have a full time connection and hence needed to be exported into Data Mart for further utilized by Business Intelligence via UDM. In some cases data from OLTP is exported via ftp, In our case we have been getting data via FTP which is stored into our data mart and afterwards  transformed as per requirements utilizing Data transformation services / Integration services and stored into our data mart. After that this data is sent to Business Intelligence Systems.


In case of dirty data as mentioned above sometime data have to be cleaned from errors so it can be utilized into the Business intelligence, again data mart would be required. Here we would like to add an example we are getting data feeds of worldwide business contacts  from somewhere via ftp. This data is then transformed and cleaned from errors stored in our data mart/Data war house, and then regularly uploaded into a system where people can utilize that. We are presenting a link for your information and


The reason for giving this example is because of the need of data mart, In addition to that we are doing more work on stored data, as per people’s needs, to produce high value information.


In addion to our hands on experience, We are thankfull to Brian Larson for writing such a great book “Delivering business intelligence with  SQL Server 2005”. We regularly consult this book for our projects.


At the end we would like also to add that data projects are not always similar and may require some tools in some situation and some other tools in other situations and the goal is always to accomplish the task.