Tuesday January 23rd 2018




MS Access 2007 – Creating Acces Project file (.adp)

We believe that change is important but not at the cost of additional training, but should compliment existing experience. Creating ACCESS Project file (.adp) extension for connecting to MS SQL Server data was found to bechallenging / required additional time to search how to do that; however we implemented the same and presenting it in simple words for our readers;

1-      Create New File by clicking blank database the click on the file location just after giving your name.

2-      After clicking location you will be at menu named – File New Database

3-      On this menu go to option box save as type you will find various options select Microsoft Office Access Projects, and you will be at New Project with File name ending with .adp and then just click create.

4-      Here you will be presented with Option to connect an existing database or or new Sql Server database.