Saturday February 24th 2018




Reporting Tools + Sql power to solve complex data consolidation

Recently I worked on automating the consolidated Fintrac data so all of the data can be exported at once.
The problem was with complex nature of Fintrac Account mechanism which is briefed below;
1- At main level An account Holder’s Account detail;
2- Then there 2 main sections namely deposits and disbursements.
3- Then in the disbursements sections they have further following levels in the order of numbers;
i- Reason and Methods
ii- Each reason or method have further levels as follows;
iii- Associated Financial Entities and Associated Individuals;
Creating a single automated consolidated report looks a kind of complex task as the above information was stored in different tables;
We leveraged 30% sql language capabilities i.e. Created Union Queries to consolidate reasons and methods table because overall structure was same and used some sql built-in functions to identify Reason / Method. and 70% Crystal reports capabilities i.e. 1 main Report with 1 sub reports at next level for Reasons / Methods and then another sub reports within the previous sub reports. This task successfully accomplished, if you are facing such data / reporting challenges feel free to contact us for a creative solutions to complex problems;