Saturday February 24th 2018




Wearables, EVs, IoT: Charting How Big Data Affects Our Lives

Can you imagine a world in which humans interact with computers without even thinking about it … where computers are part of our natural human environment and cannot be distinguished from it? That world is here. It’s called ‘ubiquitous computing.’

Technology receding ‘into the background of our lives’ is how Mark Weiser of Xerox XRX +1.37% PARC described ubiquitous computing when he first envisioned the concept in 1988.

Internet of Things, wearables, smart cities, cars, homes, appliances … almost everything is generating data to be tracked, analyzed and charted.

Today, retailers track our shopping. Taxis track our location. Insurance providers track our health and habits. Automakers track our cars. And scientists track our natural disasters, weather, water, everything.

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