Saturday February 24th 2018




Looking for HTFD (Hard-to-Find-Data)? We Found It!

Data is everywhere. The number of unique data sources out there is larger than any one organization can wrangle. And make no mistake – these big data sets are the source of competitive advantage for companies across all industries. But finding the right information from today’s huge data ecosystem is a hurdle that more than one marketer has yet to cross.

We have all heard of Big Data, but how many of us have heard of Data-as-a-Service (or DaaS)? Still a relatively new concept, DaaS is primed to make a huge entrance in 2015 – it is the game changer that is completely revolutionizing marketing.

DaaS is a service approach in which unique and Hard-to-Find Data (HTFD) assets are sourced and structured to deliver a constant stream of qualified prospects, including a company’s own customers, who are actively searching for what they are selling. Distinctly different from list buying, these data sources are a highly customized marketing asset versus disconnected, one-time use prospect lists.

Marketers analyze the data and crunch the numbers – but how many can really say they know which consumers or businesses are in market for their products and services? Or how many companies are overly dependent on modeling what they think a prospect or customer may do versus having real-time insights into their actual behaviors?

DaaS empowers companies with knowledge – not guesswork – for sustainable and immediate revenue.

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