Sunday January 21st 2018




Developing highly formatted advanced and dynamic Cross Tab Reports like Organizational Metrics, Year Over Year / Month to Month Growth Comparisons.

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Top management needs the data in Tabular format to see Organization growth and metrics to manage large organizations. Data is typically stored in Rows in relational databases and producing analytical business intelligence reporting involves importing data from databases into excel and then producing pivot tables, which are excellent to analyze the data, however they need the involvement of IT and excel experts to produce advanced reports which involves multiple sections. Top management needs these reports in highly formatted legible way.

We have automated these reports using Crystal Reports development environments to create analytical reports. Crystal Reports has a built-in functionality for simple Crosstab Reports, however for advanced and complex analytical reports we can utilize Crystal Reports Formula Workshop and Data Base programming in SQL.

Complex Cross-tabs may include, but not limited to Organizational Growth over the Quarters, Month and Years. These include revenues cash flows or variety of other organizational metrics. Top management need this information in an automated manner, such as they go online and log into repository like Crystal Reports Server and access these report whenever and wherever they need.

Automating these reports is extremely critical for timely decisions, feel free to contact us if you are facing these challenges.

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Kaleem Mian