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Role of Crystal Reports in Highly Regulated businesses and organizations.

docautIn Regulated industries like Law, Medicine, Security and surveillance, Public Safety and Health Care advanced formatted reports are critical. Typically these reports include textual elements and statistics. Generating these reports involved manual and multiple, error prone laborious and costly steps in word documents / excel sheets to produce a legible reports for end-users like doctors, lawyers, judges and public safety personnel. In the absence of Reporting tools or Reporting Talent, Organizations are facing repetitive costs for producing regulatory reports, which can be certainly avoided.

During my consulting experience of 15 years I have analysed variety of industries ranging from Law, Health care, public safety and insurance. I was typically asked how to automate these processes as all the data is already available. I developed reporting templates for regulated industries, which automatically integrates available data into Crystal Reports templates directly from source i.e. databases.

In automating and integrating the dispersed textual and numerical data, Crystal Reports play a pivotal role, this is one of best the reporting software which has an excellent functionality and history of over 2 decades in integrating the narrated data and stats in pixel perfect reports while eliminating the multiple steps erroneous methods i.e. importing data into Excel and Word documents.

Completing a similar report, which takes about a day or 2 by combining data from database through Excel and word, will only take seconds, if a template is developed in Crystal Reports. In addition to that there are huge advantages like elimination of human errors in multi steps processes and single version of truth as data is coming directly from source databases to Crystal Reports.

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