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Developing / Integerating Fintrac data in a single Highly Formatted Fintrac report

digital-consultancy_20073447_stdI was asked by the client to develop a single report which integrate all the fintrac transaction data. i.e Account Holders information, Receipts and disbursements, as they have to integer ate the data in time consuming manual process.

Initially it seemed quite challenging however it wasn’t.

Fintrac Account Holders main information was stored in the main master table.
Receipts were stored in their table.
Disbursements mechanism was quite challenging as for each disbursement their could be multiple reasons and multiple methods and In addition each method could have multiple associated individual entities and associated entities. Disbursements data was stored in reasons and method tables. In order to develop the integerated report these were combined using union query.
A main report was created for disbursements which grouped the disbursement by their reasons and methods. Each disbursement transaction started as group 1 and then under this group there are methods and reasons. As follows
Disbursement 1
Reason 1
Reason 2
Mehod 1
Associated Entities Individual 1
Associated Entitie Individual 2
And so on
Method 2
Method 3

and then to next disbursement transaction.

I also Created a sub-report for the Associated entities and Individuals and Financial entities and placed the under the reason and method group and linked these to methods or groups.

Account Holders and receipt information was placed in the report header. Report was successfully completed. This case study demonstrated that Crystal reports has excellent functionality and resilience to handle most complex reports.

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Kaleem Mian

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