Saturday January 20th 2018




How to provide effective and timely business Intelligence to make difference

Data cleansingBusiness Intelligence analyst’s role is to assist management in decision making process and presenting the updated state of affairs of the organisation with data point of view. Their main job and time is to review data find trends, spotting any problem areas. They should be able to provide the organization an integrated overview of organisation’s operations, in addition to answering pressing questions from management. Focus should be on value addition in terms of big picture / integrated review instead of isolated reports or stats.
How can we do that?
In my experience I spend 50 % of the time on the answering the routine questions, 25 % of the time on specific issues / concerns asked by top management and 25 % of the time on using my domain knowledge and create value from data based on my observations and then share these with the team. In experience this is extremely critical, as we have are the one who handle day to day queries and can proactively do our homework on complex issues before they are asked by the management. If we miss this area we are likely, to not resolve the complex issues when they come to us.
In this case an inquisitive nature / curiosity plays a vital role, which mean critical trait of BI Analyst is to be proactive, inquisitive and curios in order to be successful in this field. I strongly believe that curiosity will lead us to select the proper tool / learning to solve the answer to complex questions of the management of all levels before they actually asked.

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