Saturday January 20th 2018




You Don’t Need Big Data — You Need the Right Data

hbrnA great insight on deriving value from data published in Harvard Business Review. This article emphasise on how misleading it would be to solely focus on the term “Big Data”. It true sometime getting value needs a lot of data, but in reality “But the key for innovators across industries is that the size of the data isn’t the most critical factor — having the right data is.” Harvard Business Review”. I fully agree with that Over the past 15 years, every company I have consulted can be summed up under one common theme: the need to strategize and make decisions based on Right data in right format. Traditionally, IT owned every piece of data and the structure in which it resided. However, this is no longer sufficient as executives increasingly rely on real-time information to understand how their business is performing. Now, data must be accessible on demand and available in a format that is accurate and easy to digest.