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Before explaining the scope of this project, I would like to briefly explain definition of the term Data Mart according to the following sources.

According to Wikipedia

Data mart is the access layer of the data warehouse environment that is used to get data out to the users. The data mart is a subset of the data warehouse that is usually oriented to a specific business line or team. Data marts are small slices of the data warehouse.

According to Oracle Corporation

A data mart is a simple form of a data warehouse that is focused on a single subject (or functional area), such as Sales, Finance, or Marketing. Data marts are often built and controlled by a single department within an organization. Given their single-subject focus, data marts usually draw data from only a few sources. The sources could be internal operational systems, a central data warehouse, or external data.

According to SAP

The emphasis of a data mart is on meeting the specific needs of a particular group of users in terms of analysis, content, presentation, and ease-of-use.

Idea of

The idea behind is similar to its definition, which is to work as an access layer to data warehouses comprising of cloud and internet resources, focused on enhancing data literacy to Non-Technical people, and with the goal of making complex topics simple and understandable by non-technical people. serve as a content filter / an access layer to data warehouses i.e; cloud, internet, and resources of technical contents related to complex topics in data literacy. Only those contents are selected in which make data literacy comprehensible by non-technical people. was started by Kaleem Mian.

Kaleem is a technology enthusiast and has a background in statistics and business intelligence. He had served Health Care, Security and Surveillance, Fraud Prevention, Entertainment industries like Gambling and Casinos, Fitness Centres, Manufacturing Industries, Pharmacy Businesses, Utilities and many more industries.

Resume of Kaleem Mian

Helping clients through my strong analytical skills and expertise in tackling tough problems through creative and strategic thinking. Over the years I have built an extensive knowledge base and created tangible value from raw data across diverse domains including Insurance, health-care, financial services, Security and Risk Management industries. I have an MBA and undergraduate in Statistics. Additionally I completed graduate level course in Business Intelligence and Data Mining from McMaster University.

– Expertise in SQL, Transact SQL, Olap, Rapid Miner, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, SSRS, Xcelius, MS Access, and Excel.

– Initiated Data-driven discoveries which include search, capture, storage, visualization, interpretation, and analysis of data facilitating top management to find insurance related meaningful trends in Drug Utilization, Overall Costs and Health Benefits to propose wellness programs.

– Trained people in Return to Work Services Reporting, provided data extraction and Crystal Reports training to non-technical end users which reduced huge work load on technical staff.

– Led the data trending project which includes Business Intelligence reports and data visualizations. Enabled management to control average costs in different phases of Case Management as well as savings/recovery of significant amounts of money. Developed dynamic analytics by using Xcelius, helping end-users find trends and correlation of diagnostics by industries.

– Created advanced data intensive documents such as Incident, Security, Surveillance, Fintrac, Insurance and Disability Management by integrating data in a way that once a report runs, it is automatically exported into word documents with required data elements merged in textual contents.

– Produced Data trending of monthly off work duration. Enabled management to analyze why some companies are upward trending and others are downward trending in average off work duration, so processes can be improved.

Senior Consultant Business Intelligence, Advanced Data intensive Document Automation

As a Senior Consultant I handle clients of, which come from a variety of industries ranging from healthcare, financial institutions, and manufacturing industries.
Using my strong knowledge base from different industries, creative thinking and technical skill set, I create tangible value from Client’s raw data resources resulting in huge cost savings, profit maximization and increased return on investment.

Homewood Health
Decision Support Analyst, National
Sales Operations September 2014 to December 2015

Supporting top to mid-level management in their quests for gaining new customers, optimizing return to work services operations, and analyzing and streamlining sales operations. Developing user friendly data extraction tools for non-technical managers, as well as training them to use these tools. I am responsible for developing user friendly tools and reports so they can access the required data without the interference of IT. I help strategizing data cleansing for import into the Salesforce. I create Data Trending, visualization and storytelling to help existing customers make informed decisions in controlling disability management claims.

Organizational Health INC December 2011 to September 2014
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Reporting Specialist

Fulltime Employment as a Reporting and Data analyst. Responsible for updating, modifying and creating new reports, writing Stored Procedures and Views in SQL as well as ad hoc reporting based on the special requests.

1. Responsible for providing business intelligence and data trending on Average Costs, Diagnostic Categories Trends, Off work Days Trends by Diagnostics Categories and Industry.

2. Analyzing processes by different contract phases, Case, Care and Adjudication management, Industry, Diagnostic categories and various other dimensions. Analyzing profitability of clients as per requests by Senior management.

3. Analyzing Insurance data for drugs and benefits plan to assist management to formulate wellness programs.

4. Providing Historical cost trends based on Diagnostics categories, industries and demographics.

In addition to all of the above I love to solve complex issues to provide deeper insights t. I manage my free time in exploring data to come up with any useful insight for management at all levels.

Use of Time: 70% Report Development, Creating dynamic information in SAP Dashboard. Coding Crystal Reports Functions, Arrays, Manual Running Totals, Manual Cross Tabs, Creative use of Cross Tabs. Writing queries / Stored procedures in Sql server. 30% Reports Testing and quality assurance. Technical Environment: Crystal Reports XI, SAP Dashboard, Sql Server 2008 business intelligence studio, MS Access, and Excel.

Iview Systems November 2010 to Present
Oakville Ontario CANADA


Created advabced Business Intelligence reports for Fintrac for keeping track of financial disbursements and foreign exchanges to detect money laundering cases.

Created SAP dashboard for Personnel and Incident reporting modules, Human Resource Module reports such as Time Allocation report and Dynamic graphs for Incident Reporting System. These reports are being used in Security, Surveillance and Risk Management related applications in Healthcare, Entertainment facilities and governmental organizations.

Improved Ergonomics for at a glance interpretation of the data presented, guiding and setting reporting standards.

In Reports I used advance graphs and charts for at a glance interpretation and comprehensive presentation of data.

Use of Time: 70% Report Development, Coding Crystal Reports Functions; 30% Reports Testing and quality assurance. Technical Environment: Crystal Reports 2008, SAP Dashboard, Sql Server 2008 and Windows 2003 Operating System.

Prime Group September 2009 to Oct 2010
Sql Programmer/Crystal reports developer
SQL Data base Programmer /Crystal Report developer

Prime Group is a steel rolling mills and Export Company having its offices in Dubai and Pakistan. This project was to create /upgrade database and Crystal Reports to facilitate changes in business rules and expansion in manufacturing facility.

My role includes creating business intelligence reports on financial information on export invoices, partial payments, data analysis on exchange rates, commission charges and bank charges on partial payments. I extended SQL Server database functionality to develop trends and business intelligence on exchange rates, customers, products and industry analysis.

Other reports in this project involved the raw material optimization. Steel billet was received in different sizes and then cut into 3 or 2 lengths for further usage in rolling mill. In coordination with their engineers, I developed a reports which showed sizes of lengths of billets to be cut depending on full length of the billet received. Crystal reports 2008 was used and all the data was in SQL Server 2008. Contract was successfully completed. In this project Crystal Reports 2008, SQL topics like floor function, temp tables and case SQL statements were utilized.

NEXT DIMENSION January to June 2009
Windsor, Ontario Business Intelligence Specialist and Crystal Reports Developer

Next Dimension had the service contracts with many companies in Windsor Ontario and management needed the business intelligence on profitability of contracts. The contracts charges customers based on monthly/yearly as well as per visit basis. The issues were to calculate the bonus of the employees based on hours sold and the hourly rate. Hourly rate was calculated and effected by the hours spent and the nature of contract. If the contract was expensive and less hours spent then employees were awarded according to high hourly rate. If the contract was of less expensive and more hours spent then hourly rate dropped and consequently bonus. That project involved usage of Crystal reports 2008, SQL Sub queries; Sub reports with passing data through variables between main and sub report were used.

Unrix Pharmacy November 2006 to July 2008

New York

SQL Programmer/Crystal reports developer and Business Intelligence Analyst (Healthcare)

In this job I was responsible for developing/modify existing Crystal Reports in MED ACT health care software for pharmacies. The reports involved showing amounts received and outstanding balance with insurance companies, Sale figures by sales agents, by regions and analysis as well as modifying existing reports to show additional data on the reports. Oracle 9i database was used as backend database and Crystal report 10 was used in this software or reporting.

Use of Time: 70% Report Development, Coding Crystal Reports Functions; 30% Reports Testing and quality assurance. Technical Environment: Crystal Reports 2008, Oracle 9i, Windows 2003 Operating System.

CRUNCH FITNESS August 2006 to November 2006
New York City, New York

Sql Programmer/Crystal reports developer and Decision Support Analyst

In this contract I was assigned to develop several crystal reports from Executive level to operational departments. I started with Monthly billing report. The exact report specifications were given. This report showed business intelligence on the club members count, member billed, and member collected, ratio of billing vrs collections of the current month and a previous month to see comparison. Crunch Fitness database was consisted of about 300 tables, due to the nature of business, Country wide branches, membership and employees categories, the database structure was very complex. Other reports included business intelligence on employee bonuses report. The issue was to track and calculate the bonus if employees made sales contracts and this contract lasted more than 60 days.

I utilized Crystal reports XI in these reports and extensively used Transact-SQL Language, Sub queries, SQL Case statements, Sub reports with variables for passing data between main and sub report, Cross Tab Reports as well as created underlying stored procedures and views.

In this project I coordinated with Chief financial officers, Chief technology officers and project managers.

MorrelWines June 2005 to October 2005
New York

Sql Programmer/MS Access/Data transformation services

I was responsible for data scrubbing/cleansing project and worked with Director of Technology and outside project consultants. The project involved data cleansing and transformation for example the separation of the first and last names stored in one column into 2 separate columns / de-normalizing data for data transformation. There were many other similar tasks of Data Scrubbing / cleansing in this contract.

I successfully accomplished the project by using MS ACCESS, SQL Data Transformation services and Transact SQL statements.

Sql Programmer / Data analyses and business Intelligence on Insurance data

I worked there as a sub-contractor and was assigned on project of importing very large excel flat files to SQL Server 2000 and to create reports in Crystal Reports. The most of the key data was missing like policy no numbers and agent ids. Created data analysis and generated reports based available complete data.

Lahore, Pakistan
Data Manager

When I joined the company in 1995 most of the accounting data was recorded in Manual registers ledgers / spreadsheets consequently extensive time was spent on preparing reports and making timely decisions.

In 1996, I initiated utilization of MS Access and led the logical data modeling of the Altech, and gradual implementation of RDMB format in MS Access. The data in MS Excel flat files was imported into MS Access and transformed into RDMS format. Created tables to store Master data about all accounts including customers, suppliers, employees and entity related to Altech business. Designed tables to record financial and material transactions and coordinated with Accounts departments to create general ledger and related reports in Crystal reports 8-9.

In 2000 this database was upgraded to SQL Server 7 utilizing MS Access as front end using Access data project. All the data entry forms and reports were upgraded accordingly. From 2000 to 2002 all the data was centralized in a SQL Server database on server. This facilitates the in-depth business analyses through Crystal reports 9-10 and fast and correct data entry using MS Access Forms.

During the approximately 10 year of my first job, I learned and mastered several concepts of data management such as changing dimensions, notably how to keep track of historical data. For example every month company’s 300 production employees were rotated into different departments and issue was to produce employee historical reports. Database was extended to keep the monthly production activities of employees. New reports were developed in Crystal Reports in Crystal Reports 10 for example complete individual employee performance for any time span, departmental performance. Labor cost by production activities.

Automated the posting of inventory data to financial ledgers for example as soon as new raw material received it was stored in inventory table and updates vendor accounts and material accounts.

My first job set the foundation of database technologies, logical data modeling techniques like entity relationship diagram and translating these into physical model. Understanding of transact SQL Statements, Data input strategies and mastering Crystal reports software for preparing meaningful information, data cleansing/scrubbing and when to use to text files for data and spread sheets.


2011 McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Business Intelligence and Data mining Graduate Level Course and Training
2011 Data Mining and Business Intelligence, Management issues in Canadian Health care Systems

Jonesboro, Arkansas
Masters in Business Administration


Lahore, Punjab
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Available upon request