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UDM Vrs Data Mart

We are writing some more on the topic of UDM Vs. Data Mart because of our hand on experiance, reconciled with some documented research.We have worked on creating large data text files, which were to be further exported into a business intelligence system. So data to be consumed in business intelligence may be stored in various formats. In these [...]

World’s Business contacts Database by

We have initiated a web database where important business and government conacts of all all countries are searchable at We are working on this database and adding more information on different angles. However at present there are about nearly 10,000 contacts are added and are searchable.

Data Mart Example

We would like to introduce an example  of data mart consisting of  rental properties. It demonstrate the drill down from geographic dimension which has hierarchy from state, city, town to zipcode level. Website is Data is stored in Sql server in a single table and is accessed by ASP Classic page and presented in a report [...]

Great Books on ASP and Sql Server

January 30th, 2008 No comments This is a review about books that were originally written in 1999 and 2001. My reveiew is still present on Amazon. This is about my great appreciation for Noel Jerke’s books on ASP and Sql server named as ” E-commerce Developer’ guide to Building Community and promotional Tools. & “Visual Basic [...]