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Cloud Computing’s Let’s-Roll-Up-Our-Sleeves-And-Make-This-Stuff-Work Moment

Every technology approach goes through a series of phases, going from a combination of curiosity and nay-saying to over-the-top hype to just a daily part of business. Gartner has it’s own set of terms for this, going from the peak of inflated expectations to the trough of disillusionment, finally moving up the plateau of productivity. In its [...]

Why Cloud computing?

Why Cloud computing?

Just read a very important excerpt regarding the need of cloud computing. Mentioned on page 3 in book "Cloud computing a practical approach" published by Mcgrawhill. Cloud computing promises to cut operational and capital costs, and more importantly, led IT departments focus on strategic projects instead of keeping the datacenter running. We [...]

Grid computing vrs Cloud Computing

Grid computing vrs Cloud Computing

In grid computing a large project is divided among multiple computers to make use of their resources. Cloud computing which is opposite, allows multiple smaller applications to run at the same time.

SAP jumps aboard the cloud computing bandwagon

By Geoff Nairn - Published: March 2 2010 15:13 | Last updated: March 2 2010 15:13 BusinessObjects BI OnDemand is SAP’s most ambitious attempt yet to jump aboard the cloud computing bandwagon. Unlike its big brother, the on-premises BusinessObjects business intelligence platform, SAP’s hosted BI offering is aimed at those with little [...]

Oracle CEO Ellison Changes Tack On Cloud Computing

We find this article helpful in understanding in term Cloud computing,.  By Jessica Hodgson Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--Oracle Corp. (ORCL) Chief Executive Larry Ellison appears to be rethinking "cloud computing," saying his company was creeping into the space just nine months after he mocked the business model. Many [...]

Fusion Tables for managing large collections

We just tried fusion tables. As per Google INC - Fusion Tables is a service for managing large collections of tabular data in the cloud. You can upload tables of up to 100MB and share them with collaborators, or make them public. You can apply filters and aggregation to your data, visualize it on maps and other charts, merge data from multiple [...]