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Comparative analyses

Recently I was faced with task of creating report of performance vrs expenses among 2 units of a company. The report was for 1 year performance vrs expenses broken into monthly comparison between different accounting heads. I utilized the union query with aggregating the data by accounting heads and months. I utilized the Crystal Reports as a [...]

Data mart and Historical Data

For example an employee who has been rotated in different departments with different benefits and salary. A data mart allows the company to record the move, and reflects the change in the database. Without record of employee history or this slowly changing dimension, It would be very hard to performance analyses of employee. Over time, [...]

Crosstab report of quarterly debits by years

This is similar query with only 1 difference i.e accountid. It show same results by accountid grouping. It will help to analyze quarterly expenses by different accounts during 2004 and 2005. select accountid, datepart(year, transactiondate) ‘year’, sum(case datepart(quarter, transactiondate) when 1 then debit else 0 end)q1, sum(case [...]

Creating a Bank’s Account Summary like Report in SQL which can be be Formatted in Crystal Reports, Access/ Sql Server Reporting Services

March 4th, 2008 No comments Creating a Bank like Report in SQL Frequently we have to create a report in any reporting tools like Crystal Reports, Sq Server Reporting Server or MS Access which should give us account detail between 2 dates, as well as previous balance as of beginning date of the report, for example we an account summary between [...]

Beautifull meeting of Crystal reports and Sql Server

January 28th, 2008 No comments In New York City I working on a project utilizing Crystal Reports and Sql Server for Data Analyzes, Statistical analyses and reporting for Sales Person compensation. That includes bonuses and Company’s target achievement by month, Retail Sales, Monthly Billings, Cross Tab Reports, Sub reports, and monthly recurring [...]

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