Saturday January 20th 2018




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Why Companies Need to Focus on ‘Little Data’

MICHAEL WOLF: Realizing the full potential of data will require companies not to focus just on “Big Data” but also to focus on harnessing the tremendous power of “little data.” What’s required is a new mind-set of how data can benefit the consumer first, and then the company. Today, most companies think of Big Data nirvana as [...]

Mapping Old fields to new names – Crystal Reports

Crystal reports is beautiful tool and mature product for Reporting. We are writing about its field  mapping  function and when do you need that?   In Crystal Reports Data source / database change can cause a mismatch of field names in reports. For example old field name “Account Number” was changed to Account_number. When Crystal [...]

An example of University of Toronto Business Intelligence (UTBI)

This Post is about University of Toronto Business Intelligence (UTBI). University of Toronto Business Intelligence (UTBI) is a service-oriented program focused on empowering the University’s information analysts and decision-makers.    We are including this in our website because we found that very help in understanding Data Mart, Data Ware [...]

Human Resource Dashboards

Dashboard technology has been proven to maximize an informed decision making in organizations and getting optimal value value from its data. HR Department can get great benefits by having a deep insight into how employees are contributing to the organization’s progress and what can be done to make them more successfull. HR Professionals are [...]