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System testing

System testing

This post is about system testing, which we saw on a recruiting website, stating write something about system testing experiance, this job was for data analyst role. Frequently we have done critical tasks but we do not know what name we should give to them when preparing resumes because recruiting sites / job interviews are not straight forward. [...]

Traditional Approaches Of Data Cleansing

Traditional Approaches Of Data Cleansing

This post is about "traditional approaches" a title we found in MSDN for data cleansing. We are including this in our website because we use various methods for data cleansing. For experienced professionals there is hard and fast rule because of task on hand requirement. But a traditional approach title is included in to identify [...]

what are Data mashups ?

We were reading new features of Crystal reports 2008, and found a word powerful datamashups, which lead us to research that word. Basically mashups combine similar types of media and information from multiple sources into a single representation. An example is AlertMap, which combines data from over 200 sources related to severe weather [...]

Data scrubbing/cleansing example using Text file and MS Access

Data scrubbing/cleansing example using Text file and MS Access

This post is about data scrubbing/cleansing example. The project involved the separation of the first and last names stored in one column name customer_name into 2 separate columns named as First_name and Last_name. There were 80 thousand rows or eighty thousand customers. The data was first exported data from customer_name column to text file [...]

Data analyst’s job description overview

Data analyst may be working between IT technical department and business decision makers and provide value-addition by analyzing available data and answering business end users questions. Using reporting soft wares like Crystal Reports, Sql Reporting Services, spread sheets like MS Excel as well as MS Access, to answer business questions, Discover [...]

Data mart data availability/data collection

As data mart is driven by the information needs of decision makers, therefore a careful analysis is required regarding what data is available in OLTP data source. Measures and attributers come directly from fields in OLTP or calculated fields based on those fields. Dimensions and hierarchies must be represented in the data and relationships [...]

What is a Data Mart Structure ?

In Business Intelligence frequently similar topics are represented by different words. Specialy in Job interviews it is important to have a grasp over different terminologies. We tried our best to elaborate some terms used in Business intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Mart. If readers have some more to add / please feel free to submit [...]

Business Requirements of Data mart

In job interviews and sometimes we need to have a precise answers to various general quetsions. For example We read a lot about purpose of building data mart, however find a very comprehensive information about business requirements of data mart by which is presented below; As per; The purpose of the data mart is to [...]

Dimensional Data Design – Data Mart Life Cycle

A data mart is a persistent physical store of operational and aggregated data statistically processed data that supports businesspeople in making decisions based primarily on analyses of past activities and results. A data mart contains a predefined subset of enterprise data organized for rapid analysis and reporting. Read More

Consolidating Multi-Source Enterprise Operational Data

Data Mart by Consolidating Multi-Source Enterprise Operational Data by - J. D. D. Daniel, K. N. Goh, and S. M. Yusop The objective of this paper is to demonstrate the capability of DTS as a database solution for automatic data transfer and update in solving business problem. This DTS package is developed for the sales of variety of plants [...]

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