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Case Study of an Auto Insurance Company for the Data warehouse

Case Study of an Auto Insurance Company for the Data warehouse

This case study is an assignment I submitted and hence sharing with readers. ABC Auto Insurance is under immense pressure from competitors due to reduce Auto Insurance prices and high risk underwriting. ABC Company has huge data resources from business operation, however, it is difficult to get required information in timely manner. ABC Company [...]

Example – Buliding a sample data warehouse using SQL Server

Example – Buliding a sample data warehouse using SQL Server

This post is about an example of populating fact tables in Funds data warehouse. All the data from dbo.tranhistory was extracted along with the foreign keys for four dimensions Managers, Offices, Funds, and Accounts. In writing this post we followed the Funds Database example in SQL Server OLAP Developer’s Guide by William C Amo published [...]

Creating Data Mart by Consolidating Multi-Source Enterprise Operational Data

Creating Data Mart by Consolidating Multi-Source Enterprise Operational Data

We have included a very practical Paper on Data Mart by J. D. D. Daniel, K. N. Goh, and S. M. Yusop. Abstract - Trends in business intelligence, e-commerce and remote access make it necessary and practical to store data in different ways on multiple systems with different operating systems. As business evolve and grow, they require efficient [...]

Complimentary hands on course in Toronto by Microstrategy

Get More from Your Data to Make the Most Informed Business Decisions Experience the latest breakthrough in BI, MicroStrategy 9, firsthand through demonstrations and hands-on activities. Don’t miss this chance to be the first in your organization to learn how to: * Create an entire BI application in less than a day * Design dynamic [...]

DataMart Reporting for University of Nebraska Lincon (UNL)

DataMart is a data warehouse containing University of Nebraska Lincoln student information. This information is stored on a network server that can be accessed from the user's desktop using Excel or Access. Using the desktop software, reporting is greatly simplified and data is available for further analysis. The DataMart replaces the SMART [...]

Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment

According to John Scott Redd, Director, National Counterterrorism Center, the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, or TIDE, is the U.S. Government's central database on known or suspected international terrorists, and contains all source highly classified information provided by members of the Intelligence Community such as CIA, DIA, FBI, [...]

Longtop Develops an Analytical Data Mart for Credit Cards for a National Commercial Bank in China

HONG KONG, July 6 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Longtop Financial Technologies Limited ("Longtop") (NYSE: LFT), a leading software developer and solutions provider targeting the financial services industry in China, today announced that it has won a contract to develop a customized analytical data mart for credit cards for a National Commercial Bank in [...]

Data Mart case study

Data Mart case study

This post is about a case study of ASB Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). ASB built a Basel II risk management data mart on Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Enterprise Edition. Using the new features and technologies in SQL Server 2005, the bank was able to meet the requirements in less than nine months, ensure [...]

Decision maker’s needs in Business Intelligence/Data mart

Business intelligence should be driven by decision maker’s information needs. Business intelligence should answered there business questions such as;   What fact, figures, statistics, and so forth do they need for effective decision making? How should this information be sliced and diced for analysis? (dimensions) What additional [...]

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