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Case Study of an Auto Insurance Company for the Data warehouse

Case Study of an Auto Insurance Company for the Data warehouse

This case study is an assignment I submitted and hence sharing with readers. ABC Auto Insurance is under immense pressure from competitors due to reduce Auto Insurance prices and high risk underwriting. ABC Company has huge data resources from business operation, however, it is difficult to get required information in timely manner. ABC Company [...]

Data Warehouse Vrs Data Mart Another perspective

We found understanding of  "Data Warehouse Vrs Data Mart " among the business intelligence solutions providers,  it is presented below; There are many fundamental differences between a data warehouse and a data mart. Some of the differences are as follows: Data warehouse Data Mart Corporate Departmental Highly [...]

The Rising Tide in the Data Warehouse vs. Data Mart Debate

By Stephen Swoyer - TDWI Is building an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) the best path to business intelligence (BI)? It's a perennially vexing question that -- thanks to a couple of recent trends in BI and data warehousing (DW) -- has taken on new life. The value of the full-fledged EDW seems unassailable. Over the last half-decade, however, [...]

Kimball University: The 10 Essential Rules of Dimensional Modeling

Follow the rules to ensure granular data flexibility and a future-proofed information resource. Break the rules and you’ will confuse users and run into data warehousing brick walls. The post is about an article by Margy Ross. She highlights essential rules for dimensional Modelling.

Greenplum eyes India’s data warehouse business

By CIOL - Puja Sharma MUMBAI, INDIA: Having engineered technology around enterprise data cloud solutions for large-scale data warehousing and analytics, US-based Greenplum is now eying the India market aggressively. While in 2008 the vendor focused on setting up a technical team in India, Greenplum has extensive plans to set-up its marketing [...]

Evidenced-based management

Evidenced-based management

Data mart approach and Evidenced-based management approaches have striking similarities as follows; data mart approach’s focus on a particular subject or department to help management make strategic decision about their business is similar to Evidenced based Management’s approach’s defining the objective and information needs, based on [...]

Master Data management (MDM) – Why it is critical?

Master Data management (MDM) – Why it is critical?

Right Master Data management (MDM) provides single version of the truth, MDM is critical to impact business positively. With proper (MDM), you will know exactly what products your customers have, what items you buy from selected vendors and business relations with your customers. Customer’s can be contacted with confidence. Staff must agree [...]

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Overview

An end to end process encompassing the activities, roles, and artifacts required to develop information systems, and which cover investigation, analysis, design, construction, testing, and implementation and transfer to maintenance. SDLC outlines how software is designed, built and deployed. There multiple versions and approaches to the SDLC [...]

Data Mart – Top Down and Bottom Up approaches

Data Mart – Top Down and Bottom Up approaches

Top down approach Single, central storage of data with centralized rules and control. Top down approach takes long time to build, high risk of failure. As they are not driven by end-users needs, there may be information needs gap. Bottom Up approach Faster and easier implementation of manageable pieces of information. Inherently incremental [...]

What is a Data Mart Structure ?

In Business Intelligence frequently similar topics are represented by different words. Specialy in Job interviews it is important to have a grasp over different terminologies. We tried our best to elaborate some terms used in Business intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Mart. If readers have some more to add / please feel free to submit [...]

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