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Microsoft Dynamics Overview by

Microsoft Dynamics Overview by

This is our first post relating to Microsoft Dynamics, in this post we will focus on its functionality.  As our goal is to present information keeping in view business users, information is presented below; Financial management through general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, sales process, purchasing, analytical accounting, fixed [...]

Integeration Services

Few words about integeration Services, It was introduced in SQL Server 2005, prior to that i.e in SQl Server 2000 it was a Data Transformation Services (DTS). Integeration Services has all the functionality of DTS plus more capabilities with less programming. Inaddition to that it has large performance boost over DTS and is even better in SQL [...]

data scrubbing

data scrubbing Also referred to as Data cleansing removes inconsistencies, and errors from transactional data. According to's Webopedia it can be defined as; "Also referred to as data scrubbing, the act of detecting and removing and/or correcting a database’s dirty data (i.e., data that is incorrect, out-of-date, redundant, [...]


Online-Line analytic Processing is optimized for questions like for example What sales people generate revenues or make sales more than $45,000 during the Christmas and there sales orders were not returned during first 45 days of making sales. Olap is highly summarized and aggregated data. In Olap Data is stored and accessed from [...]

Data marts vrs Data warehouse – Accounting perspective

Since investment in data warehouses can be considerable, companies often opt to create data-marts instead of full blown data warehouse. A data mart is department or subject specific mini-data warehouse. A data mart can be created much faster than a full integerated warehouse, but if organization create to many data marts then cost to manage and [...]

SQL Reporting Services 2008 Nice features

Some good features in SQL Reporting Services we would like to write here; 1- Enable business users to create their own reports and explore corporate data by using Microsoft Report Builder 2.0, an intuitive and familiar Microsoft Office-optimized authoring environment. Report Builder 2.0 enables users to go directly against relevant data sources [...]

Data mart consolidation and business intelligence standardization

A good read on white paper named “Data mart consolidation and business intelligence standardization” by Teradata and Sap Business Objects. They have presented a research that 59% of the companies maintain upto 30 data marts and some companies have as many as 100 or more data marts, however  there was no mention of type of the companies they [...]

Micro strategy 9 enables departmental BI

This information is from Microstrategy 9 Press release 2009. The main spirit of this specific topic is Setting up new departmental BI Environment quickly, with little or no IT Support. I found that an ideal solution as in my experience a lot of time is wasted during the process of understanding business end users needs and perception by pure [...]

Data Mart Schema

Analyses and understanding of the reporting needs, in depth research on their business questions and how do they want that data presented are the basis for the design of the data mart schema. For more info on Stars, Snow Flakes, Fact Tables Schema for multidimensional Databases- visit

Business Intelligence and MS Sql Server 2008

Microsoft Sql Server 2008 Provides tools to support all Aspect of Business Intelligence; Integration Services – Enables us to create automated processes for data cleansing and import into Data Ware house and Data marts. Online Analytical processing (OLAP) features i.e Key performance indicators (KPIs), Multidimensional expressions [...]

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