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Data mart and Historical Data

For example an employee who has been rotated in different departments with different benefits and salary. A data mart allows the company to record the move, and reflects the change in the database. Without record of employee history or this slowly changing dimension, It would be very hard to performance analyses of employee. Over time, [...]

Product launch of Microstrategy 9 in Toronto

March 6th, 2009 4 comments I recently attended the product launch of Microstrategy 9. Microstrategy is breakthrough technology that for the first time, allows companies to support all levels of BI with one technology. ? Extends performance, scalability and efficiency of enterprise BI. ? Enables rapid development of departmental BI [...]

Data Transformation, Data Scrubbing, Mapping

February 6th, 2008 No comments Data Transformation; Data Transformation is process of converting data from source to target as per requirements of the design and business rules. Types of Data Transformations Data Scrubbing Data Scrubbing is a process to correct deficiencies in the Data and is a part of transformation process as follows; [...]

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