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Dimensional modeling (DM)

According to Dr. Kimball, DM is a design technique for databases intended to support end-user queries in a data warehouse. It is oriented around understandability, contrary to database administration. According to him, although transaction-oriented ER is very useful for the transaction capture, it should be avoided for end-user [...]

Evidenced-based management

Evidenced-based management

Data mart approach and Evidenced-based management approaches have striking similarities as follows; data mart approach’s focus on a particular subject or department to help management make strategic decision about their business is similar to Evidenced based Management’s approach’s defining the objective and information needs, based on [...]

Evidence-based management – defining aims and information needs

In continuation to our previous post on evidence-based intelligence, we are writing more on the step 1 of defining aims and information needs. In this step the focus should be on manger’s information needs identification and objective of these. In other words organization’s information needs to be highly selective. Identify strategic [...]

Evidence-Based Management

This post is about Evidence-Based Management published under article “Intelligence required Moving from data to insight” by Bernard Marr - CMA Management magazine, June/July 2009 . Through Evidence-Based management, organizations explicitly use evidence (the best and most appropriate information) to guide the decision-making process to [...]