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Open data, SSIS and Excel

Open data, SSIS and Excel

Recently Downloaded the Large dataset from UK Government Open Data Website i.e. Land Registry Price Paid Data from 1995 to 2015 about 24 million definitive records dating back to January 1995. Used the SSIS to get the data into SQL Server from CSV. Initially aggregate the data using the following query, select YEAR(), [...]

Complimentary hands on course in Toronto by Microstrategy

Get More from Your Data to Make the Most Informed Business Decisions Experience the latest breakthrough in BI, MicroStrategy 9, firsthand through demonstrations and hands-on activities. Don’t miss this chance to be the first in your organization to learn how to: * Create an entire BI application in less than a day * Design dynamic [...]

Vlookup function in MS Excel Example

Vlookup function in MS Excel searches for a value in the first column of a table array and returns a value in the same row from another column in the table array. In the example below we can find the taxrate based on income. Here income is 1,11,300 and tax rate is 45.25% because income is greater than 284701. Excel has it own very important role [...]

Pivot Tables In Excel

we are presenting an example of Data of  North Wind Traders 'sales by category' tabel exported to Excel and then utilizing a Pivot tabel  tool which enables us to display summarized data in just about any way possible. Data for pivot table comes from database, table or query. We experianced that sometimes reporting in Reporting tools  become [...]

UDM Vrs Data Mart

We are writing some more on the topic of UDM Vs. Data Mart because of our hand on experiance, reconciled with some documented research.We have worked on creating large data text files, which were to be further exported into a business intelligence system. So data to be consumed in business intelligence may be stored in various formats. In these [...]

Heterogeneous Databases and Legacy Databases

As we are driven by the goal making information technology understandable by business decision makers and end-users, therefore when ever we find any simple word made unnecessarily technical term, we made best efforts to make them original / understandable. So Legacy database is a group of heterogeneous data bases that combines different kind of [...]

Using Combo Box and List Boxes to fill in other controls

I was asked by someone in the Healthcare field to provide them an easy way of looking up some information based what he or she type in look up field, so that they dont have to manually look into the documents. In other words they will store the information in table and this information can find by using form. There are several ways to do that [...]

Human Resource Dashboards

Dashboard technology has been proven to maximize an informed decision making in organizations and getting optimal value value from its data. HR Department can get great benefits by having a deep insight into how employees are contributing to the organization’s progress and what can be done to make them more successfull. HR Professionals are [...]

SQL Reporting Services 2008 Nice features

Some good features in SQL Reporting Services we would like to write here; 1- Enable business users to create their own reports and explore corporate data by using Microsoft Report Builder 2.0, an intuitive and familiar Microsoft Office-optimized authoring environment. Report Builder 2.0 enables users to go directly against relevant data sources [...]

Why choose a Flat File Instead of RDBMS

Flat files offer the functionality to store information. Some flat files may be attached to external files, such as text editors, to extend functionality and manage related information.   Data from RDBMS is usually exported to flat files i.e text files or Spread sheets for transformation and manipulate fields, print or display formatted [...]

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