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Tutorial: Creating a Simple ETL Package

Tutorial: Creating a Simple ETL Package

We recently did a hands on experience on using sql server 2008 Integration Services by creating a package. We followed the microsoft tutorial  and found it a very good to get started with Integration Services 2008. We would like  to share it with our reader, so lets enjoy; In this tutorial, you will learn how to use SSIS Designer to create [...]

UDM Vrs Data Mart

We are writing some more on the topic of UDM Vs. Data Mart because of our hand on experiance, reconciled with some documented research.We have worked on creating large data text files, which were to be further exported into a business intelligence system. So data to be consumed in business intelligence may be stored in various formats. In these [...]

Proactive Caching (Dimensions)

Source: SQL Server 2008 Books Online (May 2009) Proactive caching provides automatic MOLAP cache creation and management for OLAP objects. The cubes immediately incorporate changes that are made to the data in the database, based upon notifications received from the database. The goal of proactive caching is to provide the performance of [...]

Heterogeneous Databases and Legacy Databases

As we are driven by the goal making information technology understandable by business decision makers and end-users, therefore when ever we find any simple word made unnecessarily technical term, we made best efforts to make them original / understandable. So Legacy database is a group of heterogeneous data bases that combines different kind of [...]

Integeration Services

Few words about integeration Services, It was introduced in SQL Server 2005, prior to that i.e in SQl Server 2000 it was a Data Transformation Services (DTS). Integeration Services has all the functionality of DTS plus more capabilities with less programming. Inaddition to that it has large performance boost over DTS and is even better in SQL [...]