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Process From OLTP datamodel to Olap DataModel

Process From OLTP datamodel to Olap DataModel

This present s an example showing the process to denormalization for dataware house or data mart Star schema. We researched on this topic in various books and even Microsoft examples they only give sample, but we think it is more important to know how oltp data model is converted in Star schema or olap. We used Microsoft’s Northwind data [...]

Crystal reports 2008 adventureworks Cube

Today I would like share my experience of utilizing adventure works cube in Crystal reports 2008. I assume that you already have created Adventure works cube in AnalysisServices 2008, you can find some information at this link for creating Adventureworks Cube. I started the crystal Report 2008, then selected OLAP Cube report as a project, then [...]


Few words about MDX - MDX is not a proprietory language; it is a standards-based query language used to retrieve data from OLAP databases. Many major OLAP providers support MDX including Microdtrategy's Itelligence server, Hypersion's ESSBASE server, and SAS's Enterprize BI server. So it is good be expert in MDX as it is widely used. In coming [...]

OLTP and OLAP – contrast

Found another useful  information highlighting difference between OLAP and OLTP in Delivering business intelligence with SQL Server 2008 by Brian Larson.   OLTP build around the normalized data and dependencies are represented by complex foreign key relationships; the goal is to reduce redundant data. In OLAP just the opposite is true. [...]


Online-Line analytic Processing is optimized for questions like for example What sales people generate revenues or make sales more than $45,000 during the Christmas and there sales orders were not returned during first 45 days of making sales. Olap is highly summarized and aggregated data. In Olap Data is stored and accessed from [...]