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Getting Started with – Accessing Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Control Accessing Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Control You can access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control as follows: 1. Open your Web browser and enter the following URL: https://:1158/em 2. The [...]

Connecting to Oracle 11g sample database HR

I tried to connect to this Hr sample database from sql developer and got message that database is locked. I then unlocked the database and also change the password using the following steps; 1- Connect to Oracle 11g Enterprise Manger. 2- Navigate to Server tab 3- Navigate to Security 4- Under Security go to Users then you will find a list [...]

Connecting to Oracle 11 g from Sql Developer.

I recently installed Oracle 11 g on my computer and then tried to connect to it via SQL developer, unfortunately I was not able to connect to Oracle database. I check on the internet, even oracle website and found that I have to provide connection information as follows; HostName: Local Host Port: 1521 SID: Orcl Name the connection and then [...]