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Fastly changing dimensions

Fastly changing dimensions

This post is about fast changing dimension, for example A customer dimension may have large number of attributes and many rows. It happens sometimes in the "customers" are health insurance policy claimants, and other times they are owners of motor vehicles. We found a usefull material on Fast change management of Complex dimensions written by [...]

Precision and Scale in Sql Server

We are writing this post because recently we received a query regarding automatic rounding in quantity column. The user was previously using MS Access and they upgraded to SQL Server database. Although solution is simple but sometimes it becomes difficult to resolve when confronting the problem. SQL Server Books online very well addressed the [...]

Slow Changing Dimensions another perspectives

Business intelligence is an analysis about business evidence so that companies can make informed decisions. Facts record transactions, and Dimensions contain information about the transactions, such as customer name, time, weather, product and advertising promotions slowly changing dimensions (SCD) result from the fact that over time, the [...]

Slowly Changing Dimension

Slowly Changing Dimension

The "Slowly Changing Dimension" a common problem in data warehousing. Basically, this applies to cases where the attribute for a record varies over time. For Example; George is an employee with XYZ Inc. He first worked at production plant. So, the original entry in the employee lookup table has the following record: Employee ID or Employee [...]

Data mart and Historical Data

For example an employee who has been rotated in different departments with different benefits and salary. A data mart allows the company to record the move, and reflects the change in the database. Without record of employee history or this slowly changing dimension, It would be very hard to performance analyses of employee. Over time, [...]