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Sample: Specific Job Skills for data analyst

Sample: Specific Job Skills for data analyst

Database professionals like sql developer, reporting analysts in Crystal Reports, Sql Reporting services and sql programmers can enter into new promising field of healthcare data analysts by following the job descriptions in this field. Following is the sample job description from - The Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) published on [...]

Data related job titles

Data related job titles

This post about trend in new job titles we searched in data analyses, reporting / BI. We are writing these because job seekers can search job by using these titles on major job websites and will find lot of job openings. Data / Content Migration Assistant, Data / Content Migration Assistant data analyst data analyst data [...]

Temp table a useful tool in many reports

Temp table a useful tool in many reports

Reporting the payments received against shipment’s C&F value. In this example our client was facing an  issue where shipments are made  and C&F value amount is taken as Accounts Receivable, payments are received in 2 to 3  installments.  Management wants to know how much is outstanding against each shipment C&F Invoice. In [...]

Real world example of usage of Case statement in SQL Server Stored Procedure

This post is our practical experience of using Case statement in Calculating monthly overtime amount. Issue was actually usage of different no hours for Overtime worked for different departments. In this case Security departments overtime was calculated based on 12 hours and in all other departments base was 8 hours. Salary was categorize [...]

How to access mdx query builder

1- In business Intelligence Studio, Start new Report project. 2- On the select data source, name your data source, and select Microsoft SQL Server Analyses Services in the type option box and then press edit connection string button. 3- On Connection Properties enter the name of your server and then select Database Name. 4- On report wizard [...]

In SQL Server Reporting Services (ssrs) how to use cross tab ?

Often people ask question how to use Cross Tab in SSRS, the answer is Cross Tab is called as matrix report in Sql Reporting Service (SSRS) and In Crystal Reports the same is called as Cross Tab. IN SSRS when follow the report creating wizard, we see option for Tabular and Matrix (Cross Tab).

Experiance of installing SQL server 2008 Express and Evaluation edition

I would like to share my experiance of installing SQL server 2008 Express and Evaluation edition. To day I installed the Sql Server 2008 express and Sql Server 2008 Evaluation edition on Windsows XP. The following steps are must for installing SQL Server 2008. 1- Windows XP SP2 and SP 32- Step 1: Download and install Microsoft .Net Framework [...]

Cross Tab reports what are these and why we need these ?

We are writing this post because sometimes a specific question may be raised in a job interview regarding what are Cross Tab Reports and why are they used. Cross Tab Reports are very self-explanatory, but having precise information gives a competitive advantage. We can create Cross Tab reports in most common reporting Tools like Sql Reporting [...]

Communicating and presenting the Business Intelligence

Communicating and presenting the Business Intelligence

This post is an excerpt from Moving from Data to insights by Bernard Marr, published in Management - Certified Management Account. To insure decision makers understand the insights, it is important that information is presented and packaged in most appropriate way. Good communication is kept simple and focused on the message user needs to [...]

Business Intelligence – Layout-led and Data-led discovery

Layout-led discovery When we know the questions we want answered and have a good idea where that answer is going to be found, we can use the printed reports to deliver our business intelligence. This is the most common form of business intelligence. For example we want to know employee productivity for bonus calculations we know where to [...]

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