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Temp table a useful tool in many reports

Temp table a useful tool in many reports

Reporting the payments received against shipment’s C&F value. In this example our client was facing an  issue where shipments are made  and C&F value amount is taken as Accounts Receivable, payments are received in 2 to 3  installments.  Management wants to know how much is outstanding against each shipment C&F Invoice. In [...]

Experiance of installing SQL server 2008 Express and Evaluation edition

I would like to share my experiance of installing SQL server 2008 Express and Evaluation edition. To day I installed the Sql Server 2008 express and Sql Server 2008 Evaluation edition on Windsows XP. The following steps are must for installing SQL Server 2008. 1- Windows XP SP2 and SP 32- Step 1: Download and install Microsoft .Net Framework [...]

Report Model – Business Intelligence Development Studio 2008

Report Model is a project type in Business Intelligence 2008. It is metadata description of data objects and the relationship between the data in the underlying source. Report model expose the data objects and relationship from the data sources as entities and relationships logically grouped together. These entities and relationship are easy to [...]

SQL Server 2008 Express Edition with advanced service – Our experiance

Today we downloaded the SQL Server 2008 Express edition with advanced services.   As mentioned on Microsoft website - Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services is a free, easy-to use version of SQL Server Express that includes more features and makes it easier than ever to start developing powerful data-driven applications for the [...]