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Please Feel free to send us your Business Intelligence / Crystal Reports Challenges for free consultation.

We can strategize Reporting by creating user-friendly automated reports in State of the art reporting tools like Crystal Reports / SQL Reporting Services. At present we are upgrading Healthcare Reporting System moving a manual report developent system in Excel to Crystal Reports. We have updated Advanced analytical reports in Cross Tab format where Physician and clinic capture rates can be analysed month to month with growth rates and Ranking of Physicians and Clinics. Automation of Advanced Financial Operational metrics reports, all the data is formatted and assimilated in minutes by just selecting the parameters.
Excel is a great business intelligence tool and word is an excellent tool for preparing document, however they are not meant for creating reports. We can help you build data intensive documents in Reporting tools which can then directly exported into Excel / MS Word.

Over the years we have built an extensive knowledge base and created tangible value from raw data across diverse domains including Insurance, health-care, financial services, Security and Risk Management industries.

We have worked with clients from variety of industries and major cities like Toronto, Mississauga, New York City, Memphis, Windsor Ontario and Montreal, where they bought Standardized ERP and Accounting Soft wares like;

Med ACT for Healthcare and Pharmacies.
Microsoft Dynamics for global financial and business management application.
ITrac for Security and Surveillance
Ohasis for Return to work services
E2 Shoptech for tool shops
Customized software’s for Health and Fitness
Sage Accounting
MediMizer for Hospital management and many more

In our experience these software meet their basic reporting and business intelligence requirements however in a short period of time pre-built reports became very limited in addressing management requests, especially in the dynamic business environment where keeping track of costs, sales and operation most importantly when recovery of finance buried in transactional data became very critical.

End-users face challenges to update canned reports or recreate new reports. As an outside consultants we solve many of their reporting challenges using Crystal Reports / SQL Reporting Services and using our expertise in Transact SQl, PlSql for Oracle, Sybase anywhere, MS Access.

In our experience most of the software’s we worked are very well planned and have all the data resources, but user requirements and business processes are dynamic. Continues improvement is required in view of new information challenges. Our clients explained us that if they contact original manufacturers to upgrade or modify reports it’s very expensive.

Our speciality is to provide economical, scalable and efficient solutions in Customized reporting. Over the period of last 15 years we have been providing economical solutions to our clients. Please see feedback from our clients and feel free to contact us at info@datamart.org or call us at 647-771-1467 for any of your customized reporting needs.

We understand that clients have some concerns over contacting outside consultants, we have attempted to answer some of the questions;

Confidentiality Agreement

There is no problem in signing a confidentiality agreement as this is normal in our field.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time depends on the report contents and complexity level, which will be communicated to you for approval before any work. Please note there are no charges for providing estimate.

Minimum Hours

There are no minimum or maximum hours we are very flexible, we review the client requirements and provide detailed estimate.

Our Rates

See what our Clients / Employers says;
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We have served our Clients in all over North America in general and in New York City, Toronto, Mississauga, Windsor and Montreal particularly.

We are your reliable Crystal Reports Consulting and Training resource in Toronto, Mississauga, New York City, Windsor Ontario. We can provide our services onsite and remotely, basically we can serve our clients in All over North America.

Kaleem Mian
Senior Consultant and Trainer Crystal Reports
Feel free to contact us at info@datamart.org or call us at 647-771-1467 for any of your customized reporting needs.

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